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10 Projects that will change Medellin

Here are the ten new city projects that will transform Medellin and follow the new territorial arrangement plan.

10 Traditional Colombian Dishes

Here we take a look at 10 traditional Colombian dishes. Colombian food is as diverse as the country’s 32 departments.

U.S. Dollar vs. Colombian Peso, Highest exchange rate in 11 Years

Back in March 2015 both Colombia and the US saw the highest exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Colombian Peso for the first time in 11 years. This exchange rate has…

Parque Lleras, Medellin upscale party scene

Parque Lleras is one of Medellin’s most famous party areas. “El Lleras” is known for being Medellin’s safest and coolest hangout spot for obvious reasons. It is located in the heart of El Poblado which is Medellin’s richest neighborhood and […]

Drinks in Medellin

Drinks in Medellin are unique are very unique, from drinking straight shots of Aguardiente to unique cocktails you can find it all…

A Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Real Estate in Medellin

As this post appears, Medellin is increasingly moving to the forefront of real estate investment across the whole of Latin America. Between its truly amazing weather, the warm and friendly locals, the strength of the US dollar relative to the […]

Why Buy Real Estate in Medellin

The real estate market in Colombia has become one of the most lucrative investment opportunities available. With the dollar’s amazing purchasing power, many retirees and venture capitalists have began flocking to Medellin.

10 Exotic Fruits In Medellín You Have To Try!

The amount of types of edible fruit to try is staggering, but for brevity purposes we have selected 10 very popular fruits that any visitor must absolutely try when in the city.

4 Steps for Fun in Medellin

There are tons of things to do in Medellin, instead of writing out a long list of things to do we decided to just 4 essential things one can do to have a joyful stay in Medellin.

Conventions And Special Events: Medellin’s Big Economic Driver

A few years ago the economy of “the city of eternal spring”, as Medellin is also known, was driven by industry. Today, we have a completely different situation: Business tourism, fairs and events are the new engines moving the GDP […]