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El Poblado & Medellin – A Modern, Safe, Luxury Senior Destination

When looking to travel or live in another country, considerations for a seniors destination include the safety of an area, healthcare availability, easy access to transportation, and an abundance of entertainment. Recently, Medellin, Colombia has been a location frequently recommended […]

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Luxury Apartment Rentals in Medellin

Whether you are looking for long-term rental, or just a short stay, finding a luxury apartment in Medellin doesn’t need to be difficult. The beautiful city of Medellin in Colombia has plenty of apartment options at prices for all budgets.  […]

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Looking to Rent an Apartment in Medellin Colombia? We Have Some ideas!

If you are looking to rent a short-term luxury apartment in Medellin, Colombia; we can help.  The first thing to understand is that Medellin neighborhoods are split into estratos, or “stratas” where wealthier neighborhoods pay more for utilities to subsidize […]

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