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On November 15, 2018
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Great apartment in perfect location in Medellin, Colombia.

While living in the The Luxury Apartment Medellin 701 Astorga will be such a dream you will not want to leave, if you do go outside the are so many wonderful things to do just steps away. Located in the beautiful Astorga neighborhood, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


For those who like to enjoy the day outdoors, there is Parque El Poblado. Despite the name, this is much more than a park. Rest your feet, grab a drink and take in the sights of the buzzing plaza. At night the park lights up with multiple art installations, sporting event showing and music. Also nearby is Parque Lleras, where you will find even more art, music and people milling about. Saturday nights you will see people drinking dancing and popping in and out of nearby bars. The spirit of Colombia is evident in this lively spot.


To fully describe the incredible restaurants in the area would require a whole novel. Burgers, Italian, french, and of course Colombian food is on every corner. Carmen is an elegant and unique restaurant serving modern Colombian plates in a cosy and intimate setting. The stunning decor is enchanting and the outdoor patio feels as though you are eating in the middle of the jungle. Burdo is another popular spot nearby where tourists and locals alike can enjoy drinks and innovative plates in a hip and cool environment.


Lokkus Arte Contemporáneo is another neighborhood gem. This art gallery is filled with rotating contemporary art exhibits where you will be able to experience Medellin’s thriving art scene.


If shopping is one of your hobbies, you will not be disappointed by the magnificent options surrounding the 701 Astorga. From small shops selling arts and crafts in the park, to large shopping centers, to luxury fashion, there is something for everyone. Nestled in El Pueblo’s Golden Mile, you will find  incredible malls like the Santa Fe,Oviedo and El Tesoro. These malls are filled with stores with everything to fit your needs. Inside Monterrey you will find a fitness center, a movie theatre and even a bowling alley.


Of course we have not forgotten about nightlife! If you would like to experience a night on the town, you will not be disappointed. From latin music clubs, to American pop music, you will be dancing the night away. Skybar is a popular spot where you can find many young people dancing to infectious music. If you are looking for a more mellow vibe, head to Patrick’s sports bar where you can be sure to catch the game.

SkyBar Dancing Medellin, Colombia

SkyBar Dancing Medellin, Colombia


Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure you will find it within minutes of your new home

Medellin Mall, Colombia

Medellin Mall, Colombia


Astorga Medellin, Colombia

Astorga, Medellin, Colombia


Great apartment in perfect location in Medellin, Colombia.
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