For the remainder of 2018, there are many events that are taking place in Medellin as you stay in your Medellin apartment.   Medellin is the second largest city in the country of Columbia. It is located in the Aburrá Valley, a central region of the Andes Mountains in South America.


There are plenty of things to do in Medellin year round and for shopping, there are a few malls including the highly rated El Tesoro Shopping Park that has a modern feel and a small children’s amusement park in the center of it.  A bit like Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN, but on a smaller scale.


If you are looking for a Starbucks, you are missing one of Medellin’s most popular and famous coffee shops, or cafés.  Juan Valdez Cafés are actually run by the National Federation of Columbia Coffee Growers.  If you were watching TV in the 70’s and 80’s you would remember Juan Valdez as the Columbian Coffee grower who starred in all their commercials.  Today, these cafés are a favorite of Columbian residents and are rated by them as the some of the best in Columbia. 


If you are looking for the most popular area in town for western foreigners than look no further than El Poblado.  We have beautiful residences here and there are an unlimited number of restaurants, cafés, shopping and nightlife within walking distance. There is also a strong police presence which makes it considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Medellin.  If you are going to stay long enough to learn Spanish EAFIT University, which has a popular Spanish language program for foreigners.

Planning a Trip to Medellin in 2018 where you want to stay in a beautiful Medellin apartment?  Here are some upcoming events that you may want to coordinate with your trip.


The Flower Festival

July 29, 2018 – August 7. 2018


This is the most important festival for the city and features flower growers who design beautiful bouquets which they carry on their backs as the parades’ highlight.  This festival has been around since 1957 and features decorated automobiles, horse saddles and floats and plenty of beautiful flowers.



July 24 – 26,  2018


Latin American fashion is prominently featured in Colombiamoda.  This event is held annually in July, by regional clothing designers and manufacturers. In addition this event draws fashion executives and other business people that work in the fashion industry.  This is an important regional event for the industry.



There are plenty of reasons to visit Medellin this summer.  Take a look at our properties and plan your trip today.







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Medellin, Colombia has many world-class annual events.
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