Parque Lleras is one of Medellin’s most famous party areas. “El Lleras” is known for being Medellin’s safest and coolest hangout spot for obvious reasons. It is located in the heart of El Poblado which is Medellin’s richest neighborhood and it is full of clubs, bars and restaurants. Going to el Poblado can be a surprising experience for many people. That’s because you are more than likely to see more foreigners than natives hanging around.

Around Lleras you can also find plenty of places to relax, boutique retail shops or have fun. Most of the foreigners who come and stay in Medellin seem to love El Lleras for those very same reasons, so they often go ahead and get an apartment nearby.

Here is some more specific info:

The Night Life

The nightlife in El Poblado has some of the coolest atmospheres you will ever see. You can pretty much find any type of music ranging from the Local favorites Reggaeton, Salsa and Merengue, to Electronica, 90s American rock and much more. It all depends on what you want to listen to and where you want to go. Here are some great places you might want to check out:

Envy Rooftop Bar at The Charlee


Envy Rooftop at The Charlee Hotel in Parque Lleras

The Envy Rooftop is one of El Parque Lleras most famous hangout spots. It is located on the roof of a five star hotel called The Charlee, specifically floors 17 and 18. The lounge is equipped with a beautiful aquarium style pool, a bar, and a live Dj. The location is also very beautiful, it gives you a panoramic view of the whole city while you party the night away. The beer here isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be, they range from $6,000 Cop to $10,000 Cop. If you want to check out the menu yourself here is the link:

They also offer a variety of delicious food items you can check out online too:

Address: Calle 9A No 37-16 Piso 18
Phone: 4444 968 ext:121

Bendito Seas


If you’re looking for a more Colombian experience then you’re definitely going to want to head out to Bendito Seas for a night of Drinking and Dancing. The club is decorated like most Colombian clubs, a lot of lights and wooden chairs. But the real reason people flock to this club is because they offer all you can drink on Thursday nights till 12 A.M. and you only have to pay a cover charge! Crazy right? So if you’re looking for an affordable party filled with beautiful women then check out Bendito Seas, you might end up liking it.

Address: Calle 10A #38-21
Phone: 317 420-3053

Restaurants you might want to try in Parque Lleras:



Mondongo’s Restaurant on Calle 10 across from Parque Lleras

There are plenty of restaurants that cater to tastes from around the world, but why come to Colombia if you’re not going to enjoy the local cuisine? Mondongos is a great place to go to if you want to try some traditional Colombian food in El Lleras.They have a wide variety of selections you may be interested in but the one that steals the show is the Mondongo. That is right this restaurant is named after its signature dish. The dish is traditionally made with cow stomach (tripe) and other meats and vegetables. The tripe is the main ingredient of the soup though, it gives it a very unique flavor. Most foreigners who have tried Mondongo have raved about it so it might be a good idea to try it.

Address: Calle 10 # 38-38
Phone: (057) 312-2346

Mi Habanas


Mi Habanas restaurant near Parque Lleras

Mi Habanas is famous for its delicious Bandeja Paisa. The Bandeja Paisa is a dish you have to try because it’s Medellin’s staple. The dish consists of beans cooked with pork, chorizo, white rice, ground beef, a fried egg, chicharron, patacones, arepa, morcilla and avocado, yeah, that means your gonna have to prepare yourself mentally if you want to finish this dish! The restaurant is also very affordable, dishes range from $10,000 cop to $30,000 cop and there is a good variety of different foods to choose from.

Address: Cra 40 #9 – 15
Phone: 266-6716

Visit Parque Lleras

So if you’re thinking about coming to stay in Medellin and don’t know where to eat or party these might be some great places to start. You would be having some of the best experiences Medellin has to offer at affordable prices.

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