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Oviedo mall entrance

The oldest shopping mall in the El Poblado area is the Centro Comercial Oviedo. This mall is located on Avenida Poblado, heading toward Envigado. If you take a taxi from any of GoToMedellin’s apartments, you can tell the cab driver you’re heading to Oviedo Mall and they will know exactly where to go.

Oviedo Mall has been around since 1979. It opened with 70 stores, and by 1994 had grown significantly, adding more stores and a movie theater with three screening rooms. By 2003, they had built a new movie theater with seven screens. Today, the mall has over 250 shops to visit, and is over a million square feet in area.

In 2010, Oviedo Mall took a hard hit, losing many visitors to the new Santafe Mall that opened up just a few blocks up the street. Santafe Mall drew customers away, leaving Oviedo with vacancies after stores had to close. However, it remains well worth a visit.

oviedo mall

A store in Oviedo mall


With over 250 stores in Oviedo Mall, you can find groceries, clothing, jewelry, and much more. The large, upscale grocery chain Carulla has a store within the mall. Mattress stores also seem to be a big thing in shopping malls in Medellin these days. Oviedo Mall has four mattress stores, but their mattresses are overpriced compared to other stores in Medellin – and all GoToMedellin apartments come with high quality beds, anyhow! Medellin is the world’s third-largest supplier of lingerie, so you can also find plenty of lingerie stores throughout the mall.

oviedo mall

Sandwich shop in Oviedo Mall


The food court at Oviedo Mall is located on the ground floor. A large, beautiful tree sits in the middle of the space. There are many food options in the mall, with more than 40 restaurants and fast food places. Big names like Subway and Sarku Japan can be found there, as well as smaller restaurants like Crepes & Waffles and Cafe Le Gris.

Visit Oviedo Mall

Centro Comercial Oviedo is worth a visit. You can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at one their restaurants, do a little window shopping, and then catch a movie. The mall is located not far from our apartments.

Address: Cr 43A 6S-15, Av El Poblado

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