Parque Lleras – Nightlife in Medellin

In the middle of Medellin’s prosperous Poblado neighborhood lies Parque Lleras, the heart of nightlife in Medellin. The apartments for rent through GoToMedellin are all within walking distance, or a short cab ride, of Parque Lleras.

Parque Lleras is a huge park surrounded by restaurants, bars, and clubs, where people meet up for a night of partying. Thursday night is when the weekend party begins at Lleras, and it continues on until Saturday night. Every Thursday night, various clubs around Parque Lleras feature open bars and Ladies’ Nights. Payday weekends are usually the most active, because everyone has money for a great night out.

nightlife in Medellin

Weekend night in Parque Lleras

To get your night started, pull up to Parque Lleras, have a couple of beers, people watch as the night goes on, or talk with some friendly local Colombians until you get the urge to dance. Meeting new friends at the park can turn into the beginning of an unforgettable night.

Parque Lleras isn’t just the central spot for nightlife in Medellin – it’s also one of the safest spots in the city. Police are present, but don’t pose any threat; they are simply there for your safety. Drinking in public is allowed, so knock a few beers back in comfort and enjoy the night!

Nightlife in Medellin

Salsa dancing at Buenavista

There are many discotecas to dance at in Parque Lleras. After a few drinks and some socializing, head on over to the best dance in clubs in the city. Buenavista Bar is always a great place to start. Located around the corner from the Charlie Hotel, it is a two-story salsa and reggaeton club. The first floor is dedicated to nothing but salsa music. Groups of friends dance to old and new Colombian salsa. If you can’t dance salsa or are still learning, don’t worry – sit back and watch the dancers do their thing. Salsa dancing is a beautiful thing to witness. If salsa isn’t to your taste, head upstairs to an open balcony with a bar where you can dance to reggaeton, hip-hop and a little bit of electronic music.

Nightlife in Medellin

Octavia Nightclub

If you grow tired of Buenavista, walk a block over, up Calle 10, and go to Octavia. This smaller discoteca can get a bit crowded, but you are sure to have a good time. Depending on what night you go to Octavia, you may receive two free shots upon entering. Octavia plays great music to dance to, from reggaeton to salsa to rock en español. This is a great place to end your night.

nightlife in medellin

La Ruana De Juana night club

While Octavia can be fun, it often gets too packed with people, so if you’re looking for a different spot to dance, walk down Calle 10 to La Ruana de Juana. (You may have received free entry cards from their club promoters in the park earlier; if you don’t have one, the cover charge is 10,000 pesos.) Ruana de Juana is open Friday and Saturday nights until 4 AM. This discoteca plays all genres of music; they call it “crossover,” a mix of reggaeton, hip-hop, salsa, vallenato, bachata and merengue. The venue is huge, with birthday parties being celebrated at almost every table, and a huge dancefloor stage sitting in the middle of the club. Around 1 AM the dancefloor stage clears for a performance of a featured artist.

While Parque Lleras is the place for nightlife in Medellin, fast food restaurants like Subway and KFC on Calle 10, as well as food carts, remain open for late-night cravings.

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