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One of the most popular things to do in Medellin is go to the movies. Whether you’re on a date, with friends, or taking the whole family, going to the movies in Medellin is a lot of fun, and there are many movie theaters in the city.

Most of the films shown are in Spanish, obviously, but they also show some in English with Spanish subtitles. Friday and Saturday are the busiest days, so make sure to get there early for tickets, because they will sell out, especially if it’s a popular movie.

Colombian theaters are smaller than their US equivalents. There is assigned seating, so when you buy your ticket, you get to select your spot in the theater. The concession stands offer popcorn, chips, soda, and other snacks, and outside food is prohibited.

royal films

Royal Films movie theater lobby.

There are five major movie theater chains in Medellin: Cinemark, Cine Colombia, Cinemas Procinal, Cinelopis and Royal Films. Most theaters are located inside shopping malls, making a movie just one part of a larger outing. Cine Colombia is the biggest chain of all, with theaters in Centro Comercial Oviedo and Centro Comercial Santafe.

In Medellin, movie tickets are much cheaper than in the US or Europe. You can expect to pay around $5 US for admission, where in the States you will pay between $8-10, or more if you’re from New York or Los Angeles, where some theaters charge upwards of $15 per ticket.

Ticket prices vary by neighborhood, too. The movie theaters in lower-income barrios will be cheaper than those in higher-income areas. Pricing may also vary depending on the time of day; for example, shows before 3 PM cost less.

Weekend and holiday tickets are more expensive than those sold on regular days, and high seats are also a bit more expensive. Every theater offers 2-D and 3-D shows, and some high-end theaters now offer 4-D shows, where the seats have speakers in them and vibrate – an awesome way to watch a movie!

To get discounts on movie tickets, ask for a frequent goer card. You can rack up points that will earn you discounted admission, a free ticket on your birthday, and discounts at the concession stand. Cine Colombia, Royal Films, and Cinemas Procinal are all known to offer these cards.

Staying at one of our apartments in Medellin?

San Pedro Penthouse: If you’re staying in this beautiful penthouse apartment in Medellin, the closest movie theater is in the Oviedo Mall. The theaters in the Santafe Mall, Viscaya Mall, and Premium Plaza Mall are also quite close.

Astorga Apartment: This is one of our newest apartments in Medellin, conveniently located near Avenida Poblado. The closest movie theater is in the Oviedo Mall, with the Santafe, Viscaya, and Premium Plaza Malls also nearby.

Punta De Piedra: This large, gorgeous apartment is located very close to Premium Plaza Mall; you could walk there if you wanted to. Premium Plaza’s movie theater is owned by Royal Films, and if you go on Wednesdays, admission is two-for-one.  OviedoSantafe, and Viscaya Malls are just a short cab ride away.

Alminar: If you’re doing Medellin like a rock star in this penthouse apartment, then the closest movie theater is in El Tesoro Mall, one of the most upscale malls in the city. OviedoSantafe, and Viscaya Malls are all just a short cab ride away.

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