El Poblado – A Safe Neighborhood

In recent years, Medellin has become an attractive hot spot for travelers.  What was once considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world has transformed itself into a traveler’s delight when passing through Colombia. Medellin has revamped into an innovative city with multiple transportation systems and clean parks with WIFI.

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El Poblado is located in the south of Medellin.

Located south of the city, we have Medellin’s safest neighborhood, El Poblado.  Not only is it safe but it is also one of the city’s wealthier neighborhoods. Decorated with green trees, flowing creeks and nature parks making Poblado one of the more appealing neighborhoods in the city. If you are staying at our El Tasso Apartment or Alminar Rockstar Getaway Apartment, you will experience the nearby great activities Poblado has to give.

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Luxurious Apartments in Poblado

Luxurious apartment buildings are what make up Poblado. These high mountain-side apartments have a spectacular view of the city. Armed with security gates and a 24 hour portero (security guard) gives you more of a reason to rent an apartment in Medellin.  Along with security services, the buildings are equipped with state of the art gyms and beautiful pools, most of them located on the roof which make for awesome pool parties.

Visit all or one of four gorgeous shopping malls Poblado has. The malls in Medellin are filled with designer stores, retail shops, restaurants, bars, movie theaters and arcades.  There is the El Tesoro Mall, Santa Fe Mall, Oviedo Mall and Premium Plaza Mall. Hang around at one these malls, and enjoy people watching, especially the beautiful women that go there to get their shopping done.

Poblado offers a great variety of restaurants from ethnic Indian food to Peruvian food. You can enjoy a nice freshly brewed coffee at one of the many hip cafes in the neighborhood. Window shop the local boutique shops in the area on a nice and hot sunny day.  Poblado has an abundant amount of wonderful restaurants, cafes and retail shops to visit and enjoy.

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Weekend night in Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras is the hub of nightlife in Poblado and for most of the city. Parque Lleras is surrounded by many clubs, bars, and restaurants, full with young people drinking and socializing. Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights to be in Parque Lleras especially if the weekend falls on payday. Head over to the park, buy a media of rum and coca-cola, post up in the park and start drinking. People watch as you drink or chat it up with some locals. Who knows, they may invite you with them and most of the time it makes for an unforgettable story.

Poblado has a strong and active police presence, which makes it more comfortable to walk around Poblado. However, it is good to be always cautious when walking home from a night of partying, it’s best to grab a taxi home. Thieves target the area because they know a lot of foreigners stay in Poblado, so they try to make an easy come up.

Poblado has certainly shaped up to be a wealthy suburb area with all the luxury comfort money can buy. Compared to the other barrios and areas of the city, Poblado seems to have the authentic Colombian absence that you will find around the rest of Medellin.

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