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Luxury Travel in Medellin, Colombia

This is a re-written article taken from an original article – Luxury Travel in Medellin.  It provides a lot of recommendations on luxury travel and accommodations while visiting Medellin, Colombia.   This expat has spent 7 months as an editor […]

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6 Medellin Events Not To Miss in 2019

Medellin is a bustling city in Colombia that has quickly become one of the hottest tourist destinations in all of South America. In addition to having great restaurants and galleries, the city of Medellin hosts several Medellin Events that are […]

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10 Traditional Colombian Dishes

Here we take a look at 10 traditional Colombian dishes. Colombian food is as diverse as the country’s 32 departments.

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Drinks in Medellin

Drinks in Medellin are unique are very unique, from drinking straight shots of Aguardiente to unique cocktails you can find it all…

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10 Exotic Fruits In Medellín You Have To Try!

The amount of types of edible fruit to try is staggering, but for brevity purposes we have selected 10 very popular fruits that any visitor must absolutely try when in the city.

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  • Pergamino Cafe with outdoor seating and bikes in Medellin

Cafes in El Poblado

El Poblado has become the headquarters of cafes in El Poblado. All of our apartments in Medellin are a short walk to the nearby cafes in El Poblado.

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Why Vacation In Medellin?

There are many reasons to why you should book your next vacation in Medellin, Colombia. Known as “The City of Eternal Spring”, has recently…

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Oviedo Mall

The oldest shopping mall in the El Poblado area is the Centro Comercial Oviedo. The Oviedo mall is located on the street Avenida Poblado heading towards…

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Restaurants in Medellin

Where to eat in Medellin? Medellin has a wonderful variety of food options, all throughout the city. You can find Colombian restaurants (obviously), Thai restaurants, Peruvian restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, and much more. Each barrio in the city seems to have […]

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