When you are single, your income tends to be directed only toward your own expenses. It is at this time in your life when a little organization can make it much easier for you to purchase your first home.

bachelor apartments in medellin

Bachelor Apartments in Medellin.

What is the most suitable type of apartment for a bachelor?

The good news is, we don’t need to focus exclusively on bachelor apartments in Medellin. Any type of household can be a great fit for a paisa bachelor, depending on interests and budget, of course.

Bachelor studio apartments in Medellin are among the most recommended properties, because they allow you to be a homeowner at a lower cost than buying a larger space. Also, when the time comes for you to move out to a bigger place, you will have a high-demand, rentable property which can mean considerable passive income for you. It is no surprise, then, that most bachelor apartments in Medellin are studio apartments.

Two-room apartments are ideal for those bachelors who need to have a purpose-specific room such as a work space, a gym or a guest room.

Most people think that three-bedroom bachelor apartments in Medellin are too much for a single person. However, this can prove to be a great idea if the goal is to make an investment for the long term. It is much easier to make big investments in property when we are single than when we have a family.

Banks are a bachelor’s best friend

Even though financial institutions aim the majority of their publicity and marketing campaigns at family units, bachelors have great options and things going for them when getting a mortgage loan.

Bachelors generally have a greater capacity to take on debt, because their responsibilities and obligations are typically less serious than those of a person who is the head of a household. Because of this, mortgage loans are available for bachelors who might be thinking of getting their own place. And the best news is, as any expert will tell you, the market for bachelor apartments in Medellin has never been better than right now.

bachelor apartments in medellin

Now that we’ve covered the basics… where is the fun?

Below are the eight best places for bachelors to hook up and generally enjoy the single life:

      1. Pies Descalzos (Barefoot Park): This is a green area located downtown. As its name suggests, visitors must remove their footwear before entering. It is an ideal place to have long walks and strike up a conversation with other visitors.
      2. El Castillo Museum: If you are into art, this is a great place to meet like-minded people. El Castillo is a 1930s gothic-medieval mansion where you will find a permanent exhibit of china, crystal and glass sculptures, paintings, and antiques. Plus, it is surrounded by enchanting gardens that allow for long walks and interesting dates.
      3. The Cauca River: This one is for adrenaline lovers only. Rafting on this river is always a collective experience, so this is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and expand your social circle.bachelor apartments in medellin
      4. El Deck Bar: Connoisseurs say that this is the ultimate place to see and be seen, which makes it a great place to hook up. The music is very varied, as is the shots and cocktails menu.
      5. Kukaramakara: Also known as “the house of musicians,” this is one of the most visited venues in the city, which makes it another fantastic place to hook up. It frequently hosts some of the big names in the Colombian music industry.
      6. International Poetry Festival: This event takes place between late June and early July. Poets from all around the world gather to read at parks, auditoriums and stages. If you’re a passionate soul, this is an ideal place to meet your potential other half.
      7. Explora Park: This park is ideal for science lovers. It has more than 300 interactive exhibits on all types of topics related to astronomy, biology, chemistry, and science in general. It’s an excellent place to have some hands-on fun alongside many other visitors.
      8. Speed Dating: Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Many different bars and cafés in the Poblado area feature speed dating evenings. Information related to the speed dating scene in Medellin is widely available online.

Check out awesome bachelor apartments in Medellin

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